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Dark Skies Star Gazing in the North Pennines AONB and Northumberland International Dark Skies Park

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Dark sky star gazingDark Skies Star Gazing at 

Kielder Castle

Join one of our public dark skies star gazing events at Kielder Castle

Discover the beauty of the dark skies of Kielder with a star gazing session at Kielder Castle. We’ll start with an introductory indoor session using an wonderful software programme that allows you to view all the wonders of the night sky in real time. Afterwards, weather permitting, we’ll go out and do some star gazing using the naked eye, binoculars and finally a telescope to view some of the wonders of the universe.

Even if the sky isn't clear we'll set you up with all the knowledge you need to make sense of the night sky and find your way around the next time you are out and it is clear.

Date: Tuesday April 14th 2020 20.30 to 22.00

Date: Monday October 26th 2020 19.00 to 20.30

Cost: 5 per person. 

Booking: Ring or email to check place availability: tel. 01388 529154 or email enquiries@natureholiday.co.uk then fill in and return the booking form (by email or post) and make your payment online on the button below. Due to bank charges please add 1.50 to the fee if paying by cheque.

You can also book this activity privately - more information here

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Further information: Not suitable for young children.

The star gazing activity leader Bruce Ferguson, has been a keen star gazer since the early 1970s when his interest in the night sky was inspired by the gift from his dad of his first telescope, a 3-inch refractor.

Location: Kielder Castle, Kielder Water and Forest Park

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