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Wild food foraging in North East England, the North Pennines, Northumberland, Durham and Kielder

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Foraging for wild food from edible seaweeds and shellfish to wild herbs, edible wild mushrooms, roots, fruits and nuts

garlic mustard pesto There's plenty of wild food growing all around us. 7,000 years ago, our ancestors in Britain started growing their own food but before that the only option was foraging for wild food; we hunted wild animals and picked wild plants to eat. It was really important to know edible plants and wild mushrooms from poisonous plants and poisonous toadstools; it was literally a matter of life or death!
This is a big subject but the activity leader has been foraging for wild food and wild mushrooms in the north east since the early 1980s and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. All our wild food foraging activities are practical and hands on. You’ll be out in the fields, woods, riversides and coast exploring the wide range of edible and poisonous plants and wild mushrooms to be found, getting plenty of useful tips on identification, discussing preparation and also doing some tasting. In addition to safe wild food foraging we'll also cover a bit on foraging and the law to keep you legal!

Professional development workshops: As well as our half day foraging sessions we also run workshops for chefs and also outdoor practitioners who want to run wild food foraging activities with their own groups. These are much more intensive days but are very rewarding for those who want to explore wild food in greater depth. If you'd like to book one of these workshops but aren't a practitioner don't worry we will tailor the day to start where you are and build on that.

"Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your course yesterday, I was curious of how much you could teach in two hours, but was blown away by how much we covered. Your knowledge and passion showed throughout, so much so I am going to sign up for the “The North East Wild Food Club”

"Just wanted to say thank you for the foraging workshop yesterday – it was wonderful, really inspiring and informative. Everyone really enjoyed it and got a lot from it"

"Thank you for an extremely enjoyable and interesting afternoon I will certainly recommend this experience to friends"

"Had some fantastic feedback from our volunteers who joined you on Saturday, said how knowledgeable and engaging you were so thanks again!"

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The North East Wild Food Club

Seasonal wild food forage

Foraging for wild mushooms

Seashore foraging

Wild food foraging workshop

The North East Wild Food Club seashore forage at St Mary's Island
edible roots and shoots edible mushrooms - the cep or pennybun edible seaweeds - sea lettuce and laver wild food foraging workshop training course
Join the club for only 80 and have access to a wild food mentor and five wild food forays covering a wide range of different wild foods through the seasons ....... find out more about the North East Wild Food Club On this half day forage you'll explore the wide range of wiid food available in the season. You'll get valuable tips on safe identification and legal aspects of foraging as well as how to prepare and cook the wild food found.
.........find out more about the half day wild food forage.
How to identify edible mushrooms and other fungi with plenty of tips on identifying poisonous species and how to stay safe........ find out more about foraging for wild mushrooms There is a veritable cornucopia of seafood from plentiful edible seaweeds to shellfish. Follow some sensible precautions about when and where you collect ........ find out more about wild food on the seashore This workshop will give you the confidence to forage safely and sustainably for yourself and will equip you to lead foraging activities. For outdoor practitioners and other interested individuals ........... find out more about foraging for wild food workshops

Cooking wild food workshop

preparing wild foraged food to cook

A foraging session then cook four or five different dishes with a high component of foraged food on an open fire. For outdoor practitioners and other interested individuals ...... find out more about cooking wild food on the camp fire workshop